How To Set Up A HTML Website for SAM    


Step #1- Make sure you have the files you need - Look on your hard drive at:

Program Files > Spacial Audio > SAM2 (or SAM3) > samHTMweb

If the files are not there, you can download again at:

Spacial Audio Repository

Step #2 - Change the configuration file to reflect your station

Here is a list of files needed for your Website - (Click here)

The file to alter is named _config.HTML - It may be mundane, but I use Notepad

Here is configuration file listing that comes with your SAM. (Click here)

Notice that the lines you MUST change are highlighted in yellow and the lines you should change are highlighted in blue.  Let's first take the easy ones (the ones in blue).

Change #1 - <!--VAL(email,"")-->

So, if your e-mail address is, they you would change this statement to:


Change #2 - <!--VAL(picture_dir,"pictures/")-->

You have to change the value of "pictures/" to the folder in which you keep the pictures of the album covers.  When a song is playing the listener can see the Artist, Title, Length, Album Name, Picture, etc.  If they click on the Album Picture, they will be taken to a link (usually Amazon) where they can buy the album.  You can get a referral fee depending on agreements with the vendor.  It is advisable to keep your pictures in /ROOT/pictures, just as they are set up.  But if you want to change the folder, you can.

Change #3 - MANDATORY  - <!--VAL(samhost,"$host$")-->

This is the IP address of where SAM is running.  If you don't know the IP address, you can find out by running this program:

For example if the value returned is:

Change the above to reflect your IP address (DON'T use, use YOUR value) - <!--VAL(samhost,"")-->

NOTICE that the $ signs are removed

Change #4 - MANDATORY - <!--VAL(samport,"$port$")-->

You must change the port where SAM runs.  By default, it is port #1221.  DO NOT CHANGE THIS unless you know what you are doing.


STEP #3 - Upload The Files Needed

You must upload all of the files on the samHTMweb directory.  All files, all folders, everything including the file _config.html that we just changed above.  To see a list of the files, click here

STEP #4 - Open up Port #1221

In order for requests and song changes to work you must open up Port 1221 if you are behind a Router / Firewall or are using Windows XP.  I can't help you here.  Please refer to you router documentation or XP documentation.

To see if your port is open, run this program: Click here

STEP #5 - Configure SAM To Automatically Update the Website On A Song Change

On of the nice features of SAM is when a new song is played, SAM will update the information (Artist, Title, Album Name, Picture, etc.) on your website.  You will find that you listeners will come back to see this feature.

SAM > Config > HTML Output > Playlist HTML Output

Here is a screen shot showing the fields that must be changed: (Click here)

Host: Enter the name of your FTP upload site

Port: Leave this at 21, unless you know what you are doing

Username: Your FTP user name

Password: Your FTP password

Use Passive FTP Mode:  Leave this box unchecked

Now for the second part of the changes: (Click here)

Remote Web Directory (Root Web): This is usually /webdocs/ or /htdocs/ or / or just nothing.  Check with your Web Hosting Company

Remote Picture Directory (Album pictures): If your Root Directory is /htdocs/, then enter /htdocs/pictures

Now for the last part of the changes: (Click here)

Auto Generate On Song Change: You MUST put a check mark in this box.  You can change the time from 45 seconds to anything you want.  I leave mine at 45 seconds.

DO NOT change anything else on the page ... ESPECIALLY the files under "GENERATE HTML OUTPUT"

Click OK and save your changes.

STEP #6 - Upload Your Entire Playlist

Anytime that you make a change to your _config.HTML file you MUST upload your entire playlist to your website.  The changes don't take effect until you do this.  The main ones are the IP address for your requests, e-mail, etc.

SAM > General > HTML Output > Generate playlist

DO NOT use an FTP program to upload your playlist, you MUST generate it through SAM.  The reason is that it inserts special fields (IP address, etc.) and a FTP program won't.

STEP #7 - Test out your Website

Everything should be uploaded and the configuration is done. 

Now when you go to your website, you should see the information change soon after a song change.